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2 years ago

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My wife, Sarah, is 38 ( I have 39) and a good size with 12 curves in the right places. She worked as a high school teacher, but only a part-time work over the past ten years has, as they participate in the five children. We always have an active sex life, but of course he had begun less time for them, and fill the house with the children. Long ago, before we married, we had called a few three-way with a former schoolmate of my Alex. We dream of a trio of years, and when it finally happened was everything we expected, and none of the disadvantages that would care (jealousy, discomfort, etc. ). We still have many other men fuck Sarah, but years ago, and Alex on the outside that they have never fantasize about other possibilities, and I have coedcherry no desire coedcherry to turn the organized tours, so I more or less resigned to Fantasyland. That all changed when Sarah took a delicatessenthe same man for a few months but seemed to have been once, and never returned and had no chance to continue with all the coedcherry handsome enough coedcherry to be presented to the lead. But now it's like all the buses come at a time when Alex got in touch to say he returns to England coedcherry for a wedding in our neighborhood and he would be able to stay with us for a couple of nights. From the phone call last week, we were like mad rabbits, and we do not fluff at a time without one of us leads to the question of what might happen given. We have not seen for over 12 years should be, since it may be that he is poor and, at the age of Sara does not want more. Or maybe he could for them. I'm certainly enjoying fantasies instead of scenarios though. I hope there's someone to look after children, so we can go together to the airport to pick it up, and my dream coedcherry is that Sarah will suck on the road again and swallow his cum. ( Of the two previous triple long, ending with straws while Alex fucked in front of him, and the other end with the passage in the hand of Sarah - I have not seen it fantasy cum in mouth or on your tits or the face). Or maybe I should go look for me in a way that the issue with him before speaking. What do you think ? Any coedcherry advice ? Y if all goes well they fuck a lot over the weekend, but of course we can not risk that children who catch them all. The two oldest are 8 and 10, and hopefully we can make arrangements to be able to stay at home for his friends. Younger people sometimes come to our room at night, though, so I'm implementing a lock on the door to solve our thinking enough warning to us, or another idea that has made me spend the night at Sarah in a room coedcherry with Alex, and I coedcherry was able to put a padlock on the door for her. andthen I woke up in our room on one of the children at night, and she gets fucked by another man irregular in the room. We've been talking about whether Sarah will do anal, she says she wants to be just for me, too, but while I'm on the idea that returning to coedcherry our room in the morning with a sore ass licking cum from his face inner thigh. I think we have to play by ear. Likely to use condoms, but Sarah has made a new coil, and I do not think Alex played too, as he himself married 7 years ago and I liked the idea of ​​Sarah back to me with another man cum oozes from her. It may be that nothing will come of it, but I 'm getting so excited, thinking about the opportunities that I just had to write about it here. I hope that I worry a lot more to write after your visit ! My dream scenario : coedcherry Sarah suck in the back of the car as the road to driving in the dark on the way home from the airport and spent all his sperm and then come and sit licking my hand again, her lips to move by Sarah Friday night in his bedroom fucking each jagged hole, and then a sly devil, with Alex in the toilets that
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